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"Net Generation is looking to capture the imaginations of kids of all backgrounds and skill levels—bringing together a national community of parents, coaches, players, teachers, and volunteers."


Registration Open

There is still time to book your child for the current 6-week session (1/6/20 - 2/16/20)

Since the session has started, fill out the form below to contact the Director of Tennis, Aurelie Udall, and register your child for the current session.

Give your child the best possible experience

RPTC Academy follows the ITF’s Progressive Tennis System of scaled training and competition for kids.

This is the development method of choice in the majority of the world’s leading tennis nations.

It is an exciting play format designed to bring kids into the game and improve their skills before advancing to the next stage.

Low Student-to-Pro Ratio

Student to Pro ratio is 6:1 (minimum 3 players) for Pre-Rally, Rally, Rising Star, and Champion.

Student to Pro ratio is 4:1 (minimum 3 players) for High Performance, pending approval by the Director of Tennis.

Develop Competition

Only program in So Cal offering Match Play (MP): Players are encouraged to participate in the Sunday match play, where learning from the clinics is put into the context of a competitive match. All packages are designed to make match play extremely economical, even if a player cannot attend every weekend.

Learn the Fundamentals

Serve, rally, and score from the 1st lesson. This pathway will prepare the players to the High Performance program which is what most of our junior players aspire. It is the most complete development program for tournament and pre-tournament level players, challenging participants to be the best they can possibly be.

All Skill Levels Welcome

Junior clinics at RPTC are a fun, energetic, and positive learning environment. Players are carefully placed by their skill level so that they can get the most out of the program.

Junior Clinics for Ages 3-18

Pre-Rally (PR)

Ages 3-5

Introduce your child to tennis with this fun and energetic class. These young players will use foam balls and play in a micro court.

Rally (R)

Ages 6-8

Players will learn the fundamentals of strokes, grips, and basic rally skills. They will be taught movement, balance and coordination, as well as basic strategy and scoring.

Rising Start (RS)

Ages 8-10

Payers build on the fundamentals of movement, balance, receiving/sending, stroke production, and basic rally skills.

Champion (C)

Ages 9-12

Players are introduced to footwork and ball control, along with more in-depth stroke production and rallying with peers. The goal of this clinic is to inspire students to love the game of tennis and start competing.

High Performance (HP)

Ages 10-18

This clinic teaches highly motivated players to compete both in singles and doubles game play. They will be taught to improve their technical foundation, as well as learn the tactics to increase success whether in in-season or off-season competition. 

Upgrade to Match Play

All age groups from Red Rally through High Performance are have the option and are encouraged to participate in Match Play on Sundays. This is where players start to develop the skills of competition. Match Play is available in both the Club and Academy Pathways.



"We had been searching for tennis lessons for 3-4 yr group and found Coach Aurelie! She is a pro herself and amazing with kids - my son has been enjoying (and improving) her group lessons and we are looking forward to sticking with it! The focus for this age range is drills and hand/eye coordination. Very reasonably priced group lessons, and each session is 10 weeks, which you can easily renew."

"We love coach Aurelie! My daughter started with Coach Aurelie when she was 4. Coach really made it fun to learn tennis and encouraged my very shy kiddo. Fast forward 1.5 years, and after 2 weeks of summer camp, my now 5.5 yo kiddo can hold her own against 6-8 year old. Observing the classes, Coach really knows when to be soft, when to encourage, and when to be firm. Lots of important skills both on and off the court are taught. Now I'm waiting for my other kiddo to be old enough to join her lessons :)"

"My sons have been taking tennis lessons from Aurelie for over a year now and have attended her camps as well. She is wonderful! Very good with the kids, keeps everyone in line but is so much fun and so nice everyone loves her. We couldn't ask for a better coach! I highly recommend Aurelie and the All Court Tennis Academy."

"It is the second year my girls are learning Tennis with coach Aurelie. They play, they learn, they progress, they have fun ... they want to do more ! Tennis with coach Aurelie is : fun, coordination, body control, team spirit, giving the best of yourself, receiving the best of your coach ... Thank you for making it happen!"

"My Son showed an interest in tennis at about 16 months. We found Aurelie and she has been great. He now excels at the sport so well that he might become the next Federer!!!"

"My son has been a student athlete here for 4 years. Can’t say enough good things about his experience. He has grown so much as a player, an athlete and as a person by working on his game here. We are so grateful to Coach Aurelie for her dedication to the sport of tennis and to our kids. Bravo!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours am I playing per week?

By choosig the Academy Pathway, the price per time drops because you play more tennis. Let us explain with the example below.

Let's say you sign up for Champion Academy Tuesday (1.5 hours), Thursday (1.5 hours), and Match Play (1.5 hours).

That is 3 hours total for 2 days of clinics, as well as 1.5 hours of Match Play. Per week, that is a total of 4.5 hours.

Multiply 4.5 hours by 6 weeks, and that comes to 27 hours of tennis for the session.

Your total price will be $370. If your child attends all 27 hours, then your effective rate is $13.70 per hour.

Who are the coaches for the programs?

The same coach will be coaching the 6-week session, in order to continue the progression with the kids.

ptc staff . Tennis Professionnal certified ptr or uspta 

Each coach is an RPTC staff member, Tennis Professional certified (PTR or USPTA)  and youth progression specialized. The curriculum is based on the USTA Net Generation and the French Federation systems.

This curriculum is led by the Director of Tennis, Aurelie Udall. Adrian Waistfield is assisting in the High Performance programs.

What is Match Play?

Match Play is where the players compete against their peers in singles or doubles matches. It is an introduction to tennis competition, while offering a low-pressure competitive environment for children. Children of all ages can develop their skills through level-based play, without an emphasis on instruction or results.

For the higher-level players, this experience will encourage players to gain match experience, develop their skills through level-based play, and implement skills they trained during the week.

Match Play is held every Sunday during the 6-week session. The schedule is as follows:

Red Ball players come Sunday 12 to 1pm

Orange Ball players come Sunday 1 to 2pm

Green Ball players come Sunday 2 to 3:30pm

Yellow Ball players come Sunday 3:30 to 5:30pm

Do you do drop-in classes?

To maintain the high quality of the clinics, pricing is for the entire 6-week session. The goal is to have commitment from the players for the entire duration. The curriculum for the lesson is progressive from one week to the other. As well, we can assure the pro-to-student ratio is low.

Therefore, drop-in classes are not available at this time.

Why do I have to use the colored balls?

R.O.G. Tennis (Red Orange Green) follows the same logic as other youth sports, such as baseball or soccer, which use kid-sized equipment.

Kids learn to play baseball by first playing T-ball. They use shorter, lighter bats and larger, softer balls.

Kids learning basketball use short baskets with kid-sized balls on lowered backboards.

Kids in soccer play on smaller fields with smaller goals.

By using this format, the benefits are immediate. Within a short time kids are rallying, playing, and excited to keep playing. That means kids will have more fun and have less frustration.

They're playing real tennis and having real fun—and that's what is the most important.

Frustration is cut down when equipment and rules match kids' development level.

  • Kids learn tennis faster and can master skills before moving on to the next level
  • They're playing real tennis and having a lot of fun at the same time
  • Kids build confidence in their game with balls they can hit and a court they can cover
  • With shorter matches, more kids can play competitively more often
  • Kids are more likely to keep playing and improve their tennis game when they're having fun
What is Youth Progression?

As of September 1, 2016, USTA began using the new National Youth Progression tracking system for 10 and under (10U) players in the section.

The system tracks a player’s progress through participation in progression-eligible Junior Team Tennis and Tournaments.

Court Sizes by Age Group

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ROG Tennis

Red, Orange, Green

Rancho Penasquitos Tennis Club

Junior clinics will be held at Rancho Penasquitos Tennis Club.

Have questions about the junior program? Contact Aurelie Udall.

RPTC Address

12350 Black Mountain Road

San Diego, CA 92129

(858) 484-0745


Aurelie Udall, Director of Tennis


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